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The second edition of this book presents the history of computer crime and cybercrime from the very beginning with punch cards, to the current data in the clouds and the Internet of Things (IoT). Today the technological development of social media, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more, have been so rapid and the impact on society so fast and enormous, that codes of ethics, and public sentiments of justice implemented in criminal legislations, have not kept pace. Conducts in social media need a better protection by criminal laws. The United Nations Declarations and principles for the protection of individual and human rights are fundamental rights also in Cyberspace. The same rights that people have offline must also be protected online. Cyber attacks against critical information infrastructures of sovereign States, public institutions, private industry and individuals, must necessitate a response for global solutions. In conducting investigation and prosecution of cybercrime countries should understand that international coordination and cooperation are necessary in prosecuting cross-border cybercrime. It is critical that the police work closely with government and other elements of the criminal justice system, Interpol, Europol and other international organizations.

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